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The word "paradise" comes from the French word "Paradis", inherited from the Latin Paradisus, from Greek parádeisos (παράδεισος), and ultimately from an Old Iranian root, attested in Avestan as pairi.daêza- that is why we named the place Paradiz. Our goal is to create a unique, warm, friendly and classy environment for people of all ages(19+) and nationalities to enjoy time with friends and family. Come in on weekends and enjoy live Persian folk music, DJs and live belly dance performance! Paradiz plays a wide range of music from Farsi, Arabic, and Turkish, to English and Spanish. Paradiz offers a variety of hot and cold beverages. Try our unique imported drinks, like fruit flavour non-alcoholic beer or Persian black tea with dates. You can enjoy your drink with delicious desserts like our Turkish baklava or something savoury like our middle eastern finger food (ab-goosht). And of course, enjoy smoking your favourite flavour of Hookah (apple, grape, mint, watermelon, coconut, jasmin, rose and many more) on a beautiful Hookah.

At Paradiz Teahouse we serve the best hookahs with an assortment of 40 different flavors to choose from.
Also we serve all kinds of hot and cold drinks(non-alcoholic) Our hot drinks include  an assortment of different tea flavors specializing in Persian tea.
We also serve and assortment of appetizers including hummus and nachos along with some meal items such as pizza , Panini's and samosas. We also serve desserts including ice cream, cheese cake and Persian sweets.
At Paradiz we are able to hold a capacity of 56 people.
We are also able to host private parties including birthday's and special events.
We are able to make party trays for your parties this includes meat trays, sandwich trays, fruit and veggie trays and other assortments.
On the weekends at Paradiz we have a DJ on Friday and Saturday nights also on Saturday nights we have a live belly dance performance and on special occasion events we have live bands.
Paradiz Teahouse has a large dance floor so you and your friends can dance the night away , we also have a pool table for your use and enjoyment.
When you celebrate a special event at Paradiz we are able to provide a DJ, belly dancer or live band upon your request.

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